Title 1 Compact/Parent Involvement Policy

Title I Parent Compact

2017 – 2018

Alice Shaw School

Student, Teacher, Parent Compact


I want my child to succeed. Therefore, I will encourage him/ her by doing the following:

1. Ensure that my child attends school each day and arrives on time.

2. Send my child to school prepared with the appropriate dress, supplies and attitude.

3. Support the school discipline policy.

4. Establish a time and quiet, well lighted place for my child to complete homework daily.

5. Encourage my child’s efforts and be available for questions.

6. Stay aware of what my child is learning in school.

7. Participate in educational activities outside of school such as taking my child to the public library and

providing him/her with a library card.

8. Read with my child and let my child see me read.


It is important that I work to the best of my ability. Therefore, I will strive to do the following:

1. Attend school on a daily basis.

2. Come to school each day prepared for class with the necessary supplies and homework.

3. Complete and return homework assignments when due.

4. Study and read for a designated time each day.

5. Follow all school rules and treat all adults and students with respect


It is important that students achieve. Therefore, I will strive to do the following:

1. Provide a challenging, thought provoking lesson for all of my classes, every day.

2. Provide appropriate and meaningful homework assignments for my students.

3. Provide assistance to parents so they can assist their child with assignments.

4. Provide appropriate contact about student progress to parents.

5. Use special activities in the classroom to make learning meaningful and engaging.


1. Provide an environment that allows for positive communication between the administration, teacher,parent, and student.

2. Provide a safe learning environment for all.

3. Encourage teachers to provide homework assignments that will consistently reinforce   classroom instruction.

4. Make informed decisions with input from many sources that will benefit all students.





Acknowledgement of receipt of the Title I Parent Compact




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Parent Involvement Policy    BP 6020a

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